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Developing novel therapies for Alzheimer’s
disease and other brain health diseases
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Leading the way in ketone
science discoveries
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Dedicated to addressing unmet clinical
needs through innovative science

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Accera is a clinical stage biotechnology company that develops therapies for central nervous system disorders. Accera’s proprietary scientific platform addresses numerous unmet needs in brain health including Alzheimer’s disease. We believe our development-stage proprietary compounds have innovative mechanisms of action that have the potential to positively impacted patients’ lives as well as those of their families. Our executive management team includes globally recognized specialists in central nervous system diseases who together leverage the latest scientific knowledge and understanding of neurological disorders.

Accera has developed a marketed product for Alzheimer’s disease and is currently developing a pipeline of innovative products targeting neurodegenerative conditions. Our lead product candidate, AC-1204, a ketosis-inducing compound, is being studied in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.