Current Studies

Current Studies


The investigational treatment being tested in this study, AC-1204, is a powder that can be mixed with foods or liquids that is taken once per day. AC-1204 increases ketone bodies in your blood. The doctors working on this study want to learn if increasing ketone bodies in the blood with the investigational treatment can help memory and other mental skills in people who have Alzheimer’s disease. “Investigational” means that this treatment is currently being tested and isn’t approved or available for use by the public.

People who qualify for this research study may be able to try the investigational treatment, while continuing to take their current Alzheimer’s disease medication.

Approximately 480 people with Alzheimer’s will take part in this study, at about 90 sites across the U.S. The study is designed to look at the safety and effectiveness of the stud treatment, AC-1204. Participation in the first part of the study will last about 7 months during which the patient will receive AC-1204 or placebo. The placebo looks like AC-1204 but contains no drug or active ingredient. After completing the first part of the study, the patient will have the option to take part for an additional 6 months, in which everyone will receive AC-1204.

During the study visits, patients will receive study-related care that includes health evaluations, memory and mental skills testing as well as laboratory testing.

MS Dementia study

Investigator: Dr. Melissa Ortega
Study Site: University of Miami
Funding: IIT
Indication: dementia associated with multiple sclerosis
Status: Recruiting
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